Why Play is so Good for Kids…

If you have five minutes, go on to Google and enter the search term “Why Play is Good for Kids”… Your search will reveal a plethora of interesting facts and information on the benefits of play… We can’t print them all here, but let’s look at three of the key reasons:

1) Active play helps physical development, coordination and cardio fitness. Playing outside with a bucket of water, a paintbrush and a wall or fence will develop muscles needed for holding the arm still enough to learn to write.

2) Playing with friends helps develop skills such as communication, cooperation, negotiation and promotes attachment (a preventative factor against mental health problems in later life).

Negotiation, self-reliance, cooperation and communication skills are all developed effectively through peer interactions in a way that doesn’t happen when adults are involved.

3) Free play encourages imagination and creativity which develop skills such as problem solving and innovation. Children have to follow a lot of rules, being in charge of their own play helps boost self-esteem and develops a sense of self.

Needles to say there are plenty of other benefits, but we want to hear what you think. Please feel free to reply to this post – We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas…

Yours playfully,

Jungle in the City

check out: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/woman/parenting/3033365/Why-play-is-so-good-for-kids.html